Jane Anthony Davis: Portrait of Roxanne Wilcox

Jane Anthony Davis: Portrait of Roxanne Wilcox

Pencil and watercolor on paper portrait of Roxanne Wilcox by Jane A. Davis (1821-1855).  Unsigned. 

Conservation mounted in grain painted period frame. 7 ¼” X 8 ½”

Condition: Excellent with very minor spotting

Documentation: Two notes found with the painting (pictured), indicate that Roxanne Wilcox was born October 11, 1821 in South Kingstown, RI, married Benjamin Northrop Rose, died on April 11, 1871 and is buried in Roses Cemetery on Roses Hill between Peacedale and Norrisfield.  A genealogical search reveals that Roxanne (Roxanna) Wilcox Rose died on March 28, 1855.  An image of her gravestone is attached.

Biographical note on artist
: Jane Anthony Davis was born in Rhode Island in 1821, married Edward Nelson Davis of Connecticut in 1841 and died in Rhode Island in 1855. Until 1981, based on research by Arthur and Sybil Kern, it was thought that J.A. Davis was a man and a different person than Jane Anthony Davis. Prior to that time there was very little information that had been found about Davis.

Davis' work is quite uncommon, highly sought after by collectors of naïve American art, and is in the collections of many folk art museums.

Related Literature: Arthur and Sybil Kern, "J.A. Davis: Identity Reviewed," The Clarion, Summer 1991, p. 46. 

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