Small Green Painted Cupboard

Small cupboard with original green paint surface and brass knobs.  This handsome little piece - similar to an apothecary case - sports seven drawers, each with chamfered bottoms.  Has two holes upon which it can hang on the wall, or it can stand - and does so in perfect balance.  Outstanding original condition.  15" X 15" X 8" (18" total height at back) .

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Flamboyant Yellow Painted “Birdcage” Candle Stand

18th to early 19th century Pennsylvania “birdcage” candle stand. Cabriole leg base with graceful snake feet and full pads. Squarish top with rounded corners. “Birdcage” support construction allows the table top to rotate as well as lift off. Old “make do” repair near bottom of one snake foot served, no doubt, to strengthen the foot. Stand is sturdy and balanced. Original yellow painted surface. Excellent condition. Size: 30” tall, top: 20” x 20”

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Fancy Salmon Blanket Chest

Rare small sized Lancaster County, PA blanket chest in original salmon paint decoration. Dated on interior lid “1850.” No restoration. Sheraton style chest, having ball feet and vertical block corners, likely designed as wedding chest.

Size: 31 ½” wide, 17 ¾” deep, 19” tall

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Period Blue Painted Cant Back Cupboard

Exceptional one-piece cant-back and step-back, open top country cupboard. Constructed of old, 19th century pine and poplar throughout, including beaded planks used for back. Blue paint over original red. Faithful construction, including beading around top and on single door in bottom section, along with its decorative curved cutout feet confirm its Pennsylvania origin. Dimensions: 81” x 38” x 18” Period blue paint compounded from old dry pigment and hand applied by master furniture designer and maker, Philip Andrews, Gillett, PA 81″H x 38″W

18th Century Cross-Stretcher Candlestand

New Hampshire origin pine and birch with roseheads, pegs and early cut nails: all original. Wonderful “attic dry” patinated surface. Excellent condition. 16” square top, 29” height.

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18th Century Painted Miniature Bureau

Very early miniature red-painted pine bureau, circa 1785, having four graduated drawers, large dovetails, New England boot-jack ends. 23” tall, 14” wide, 10" deep. An unusual, delightful piece that offers a surfeit of decorating options.

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Pie Safe – 16 Punched Diamond Tins

An unusual early pie safe from SE Pennsylvania, circa 1850, having eight tins per front doors plus four tins per each side …a rarity! Original blue paint oxidized to a greenish blue color. Size: 5’3” tall, 3’ wide. Punch tin design: a colonial diamond geometric pattern.

Small Paint Decorated New England Chest

Yellow sponge decoration over red paint base, this New England chest is pine. Having large dovetails, strong color and excellent surface condition, it dates c 1820. Small coveted size (22” X 12” x 9”) and fancy paint.  Condition is very fine with only a small rectangular space on the back left with only base red paint.  We surmise this may have had a maker's label affixed to it.  Mentioned here for the sake of accuracy, with the overall condition being outstanding.

Item update:  My husband and I had assumed that the red rectangle on the back of this box was essentially a space left blank due to placement of a label.  Then it occurred to Kurt that that would be the opposite of this decoration (which is red OVER yellow).  So we decided to try to clean it off and TO OUR DELIGHT, the red paint rubbed off easily!  So the second image of the back of the box is the current view of the cleaned up back.

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Green New Hampshire Farm Table

Excellent New Hampshire table c 1830. 24” wide, 15” deep, 26” high, having tapered legs, pine top. Unusual small size, coveted by collectors as ideal display platform for antiques “smalls.” (Description of “Tree of Life” decorated Redware pitcher can be found in “Redware and Stoneware” section).

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Pair of Sage Green Country Chairs

Pair of sage green country chairs of Southeastern Pennsylvania, circa 1850. Backsplat resembles the wings of angels, a common motif found in “Pennsylvania Deutsch” folk art. The wings are painted in bold yellow with red drawing lines. Half spindles with thumbtack posts. Graceful and slender lines give the plank seats extra style and comfort. Chairs striped in the following colors: olive green, black and yellow. Several points of decorated lathe turnings on each chair. Excellent.

Blue Decorated Maine Chest

Along the river waterways of Maine in 1800, a town named Farmington Falls attracted all types of industries that required cheap water power and access to abundance of soft woods including pine, spruce and poplar. It is here that this exceptional chest was fashioned. Gorgeous shades of blue: intense, dark blue over light, swirls made by sponge, cloth and combs dance across the top and sides, framed by architectural combed “columns” at each corner. Size: 43 ½” W, 19” Deep, 18 ½” Tall. All pine, including till. Dovetailed construction, applied base molding, replaced hinges. C. 1810-1825: very fancy for its day!

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Paint Decorated Server-Dressing Table

Pine with Chestnut secondary wood. Dovetailed drawer front and back, with original decorated knobs. Black on red vibrant decoration with chrome yellow hand-painted trim. Very unusual petite sized piece with vivid decoration in superb condition. Likely origin: Maine. More expensive than most other identical pieces, but worth it!

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