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13 Star (Francis Hopkins Pattern) Miniature American Flag

Small 13- star parade flag - 1 1/2" X 2 1/2" long, framed and matted to an overall size of 4" x 5".  Stars are in Francis Hopkins pattern.

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20th Century Hooked Rug

This lively hand-made shirred rug depicts an assertive ram against a bold dark background with floating whimsical shapes, grapes and birds, framed by a sawtooth border. The artist hand-dyed each wool scrap using nineteenth century technique and palette.

Originally fashioned by rural housewives for use as floor coverings, hooked rugs provided color, pattern and warmth to 19th century country homes. American rug hooking techniques originated in Maine, with fabric scraps tightly packed together and stitched onto homespun backing. The design motifs on early American hooked rugs varied, consisting predominantly of geometric patterns, floral designs, and animals. No matter what the motif, hooked rugs displayed a great sense of individual expression.

Early PA Framed Medallion Applique Quilt

Pieced and appliqued summer crib quilt solid cotton and calico pieces on fine calico print background.  Exuberant and iconic central floral medallion features appliqued bright yellow tulips, red Whig roses with yellow centers, green stems/leaves and red stylized fleur-de-lis with deep yellow center.   Framed in red calico.  Pieced back features strips of "tiny anchors" and floral calico.

Dimensions:  41" x 41".  Pennsylvania origin, circa 1860.

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19th C "Flying Geese" Crib Quilt

Richly colored pieced Flying Geese quilt (aka Geese in Flight) from the early 19th century. This lively crib quilt has a triangles of a wonderful variety of fabrics from the mid 19th century, mostly in prints of blue or red, with a few earthier colors, on a cream background.  Border is an indigo and white print.  Nicely quilted in diagonal lines throughout. Excellent condition; Pennsylvania origin. Cotton front with plain homespun back.

Excellent condition.  33" x 39"

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Indigo and White Doll Quilt

Well-scaled pinwheel design doll quilt from Lancaster County, PA. Indigo calico pinwheels and border against white background. Quilted with diagonal lines. The fabrics are strong and intact, but there is some scattered faint brown staining along the border and going into two adjoining blocks. Otherwise in very fine unwashed condition. Professionally mounted on a stretcher measuring 17 ½” X 15” wired to be hung vertically. Circa 1880. Provenance Stella Rubin.

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"Broken Dishes" 19th Century Crib Quilt

First class circa 1880's crib quilt from Lebanon County, PA.  Bold red on deep yellow color palette. 

It is finely quilted with intersecting wave patterns throughout, a nice counterpoint to the geometric "dishes."  Provenance: Stella Rubin, Darnestown, MD.  It has been professionally laundered and is in pristine condition. Measures ~ 39 ½” X 50”.

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1831 Sampler Deborah Hobbs

Lively pictorial sampler by Deborah Hobbs (b April 7, 1810, Randolph County, NC; d  February 9, 1899 Henry County, IN, USA). Features rhythmic vine decorated band, capital alphabet in two colors concluded with "A.A.I.A.P.A." (possibly "Ad amor in arte per acta," -  art produced in love).  Bottom third of sampler is filled by an abundant floral basket.  10" X 12"

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1825 Pennsylvania Sampler - Jane Losee

"Jane Losee is my name, Greenburgh is my Station, Heaven I hope my Dwelling Place and Christ is my Salvation, When I am Dead and in my Grave and all my bones are rotten, when this You see Remember me that I am not forgotten"  Followed by numbers and "JANE LOSEES WORk Aged 15 years 1825"

Lavish border and bands of iconic PA decoration including tulips, pinwheel flowers and birds.

11" wide , 17" tall.

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PA Tree of Life Embroidery

This fantastic tree of life embroidery with bird and vine border throughout is an exceptional piece of silk on silk embroidery, in remarkable condition.  It is from a private collection (of the late Joyce M. Leiby of Lancaster, PA).

Originally made to serve as a pillow cover, it was never used. The colors are still very sharp and vivid against the black silk background. There is absolutely no wear or damage.  Conservation mounted.  Tru-Vue glass.

Embroidery: 17” X 17”

Frame overall: 23 ½” X 23 ½”

This is a great find and a wonderful addition to any folk art collection. 

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Nancy Stearns Sampler

Preliminary genealogical research shows that Nancy was born in Leominster, Worcester, Massachussetts in 1797.  She turned out this beautiful sampler in 1810 when she was 13. 

This sampler bears many characteristics described by Betty Ring in Girlhood Embroidery, Volume I, p. 36.  Ms. Ring states "Boston's first important group of samplers emerged in the 1720's.  Unlike stylized band patterns... that characterized Newport and Philadelphia samplers of this time, Boston work retained the form and technique of the 17th century."  What she is referring to here are the so-called "Adam and Eve" and other biblical themed pieces, of which this is one.  

Within an oval bordered cartouche is this devotional verse:

"With glittering beams and native glory bright
Virtue no darkness dreads nor coverts light
But from her settled orb, looks gently down
On life or death a prison or a crown.

"Virtue the chiefest beauty of the mind,
The noblest ornament of human kind,
Virtue our safeguard and our guiding star,
Which stirs up reason whom our senses err."

The entire surrounded by an exuberant floral border.

Stitches include cross, satin, split, French knot, straight and encroaching satin.  The sampler, worked in silk on linen, is in excellent condition and conservation mounted, and is behind Tru-Vue glass. The colors and contrast in the alphabets, devotion verse, bands and floral border are very good and the entire presentation is visually appealing and accomplished with great needlework skill.     16" X 18" overall size.

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Three Caucasian Rugs

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Caucasian Long Rug

This Caucasian long rug was made in the Moghan district just over a century ago. Multi-colored, stepped polygons cover the rectangular field, which is, in turn, effectively framed by a border containing the same, richly colored wool 3’5″ wide, 8′ 10″ long. This antique rug is in fine condition with full pile.

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